Why you cannot succeed for your first diving?

Why you cannot succeed for your first diving?

August 28, 2018

The first experience of diving brings us freshness, curiosity, excitement and mystery, but also brings a little fear and tension.

Tension is the culprit that will make you unsuccessful for the first time. Tension makes the movements become stiff, unresponsive, the agility of thinking is reduced, the breathing is short and when you are nervous, you may even forget to breathe. Listening to the guidance of a professional coach and trusting the coach is the best and most effective way to get rid of tension.

Because you have never experienced to breathe with a regulator,a few people feel uncomfortable at first. You should first adapt to practice using the regulator to breathe on the shore.

After launching the water, for diving beginners, it is the most important procedure to keep your ear equalized after starting the dive, but most of them due to tension or some other factors (attracted by underwater scenery) forget to keep your ear equalized or even do not do it, causing pain in the eardrum and unable to continue to dive. Solution: Before diving, you should first form a sense of keeping ear equalized in your brain and know the significance of ears equalization. After diving, every time you dive you should keep your ears equalization. you should keep your ear equalized in advance if you feel uncomfortable. Especially for beginners, it is too late when you have a earache.

There are very few people among the diving beginners who cannot use the regulator in correct way. And the water flows into the mouth and if you can not discharge the water in the regulator, this may cause fear(whether it will drown). Actually, it is very simple. Each regulator's mouthpiece is designed based on ergonomic. There are tooth trays on the top that make it easier to bite. Just bite the tray with your teeth and wrap the regulator with your lips. Then the water will not enter. As for the regulator clearing: If there is water in the regulator, you can use the snorkel drainage method to blow out the water in the regulator.

Cannot use mask to clear water at all or cannot do well. Divers will be scared after the water enter into the mask(fearing that the water would enter into the nose) and do not know how to keep your ear equalized. Mask clearing: first face up as much as you can, then press the upper edge of the mask with your hand, exhale with the nose, according to the principle of pressure, you can discharge water from the bottom of the mask.

If you want to enjoy the fun of diving better, it is very important to listen carefully to the theoretical knowledge before diving.What I have mentioned above are some of the problems that people may meet during the first diving.I hope these will help someone who are about to experience diving.

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